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Regulations on the ship

We hope you’ll enjoy our ships and service, and compliance with our safety conditions, rules, recommendations and demands won’t be burdensome.

The river passenger ships meet all safety requirements, they are equipped with modern navigation and rescue facilities. Navigation on the river does not pose any threat to modern ships and their passengers.

In accordance with the rules of inland waterway transport and legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of public safety, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the rules and guidelines for the safe conduct of passengers on board.

Safety rules for activities on the ship

The Ship owner and the Charterer, to ensure safety of passengers and ship navigation, guided by the normative legal acts of the river transport, have concluded this Annex to the Contract as follows:

  • Passengers, any persons not included in the staff of the ship’s crew, must keep public order on board of the ship and comply with the rules for using passenger ships, requirements for safe navigation, sanitary regulations and fire safety regulations.
  • Sanitary units installed in the passenger cabins are intended for use in tours with duration over one day, and not meant for use during short trips. Passengers on short trips are required to use the toilets of common use.
  • Smoking area is located on the forecastle deck and equipped with a special bin (open deck of the ship). Smoking in any other area of the ship is prohibited by the fire safety regulations.
  • The ship is equipped with necessary facilities to ensure safe navigation and is fully compliant with all the current standards of navigation in Ukraine and safety of life on water. In case of emergency, passengers are evacuated from the ship by the crew under command of the captain. If necessary, all passengers are provided with lifejackets by the crew. About all necessary actions passengers will be informed over the ship's radio transmission network.
  • On the ship or on the quay passengers are prohibited:

    • to start embarkation and disembarkation before full mooring and the gang-plank supplying;
    • to move from the ship board to the quay or in the opposite direction not on a gang-plank;
    • to leave the fenced area along the entire hull of the ship (guardrail);
    • to independently open doors of central entrances and any other doors of staff rooms on the vessel;
    • to throw overboard matches, cigarette butts and any other garbage; to collect garbage on the ship special bins are installed at the entrance, on open decks, in restaurants and toilets;
    • to bathe from the ship board, to jump in water, to lean over the handrails of the deck barrier;
    • to take the banquet dishes out of the restaurant halls;
    • to transport in the ship’s premises objects with overall dimensions more than 150x100x50 cm;
    • to enter and stay in staff rooms and areas where ship devices and mechanisms are located;
    • to leave cabins with electric heating and illuminating devices switched on, doors and windows open;
    • to climb masts, get into boats, use ship’s bell, to take off the buoys without real need;
    • to stay on the upper deck in front of the wheelhouse windows;
    • to use fire and pyrotechnical devices on the ship (torches, firecrackers, fireworks, sparklers, sound and fire rockets, etc.);
    • to fix any objects in ship’s rooms to walls, ceiling or floor;
    • to place in the ship’s rooms advertising materials without consent of the Ship owner;
    • to go and stay behind the territory of the bar counter, as well as to place any objects on the territory of the bar counter;

  • For violating public order on the ship, damage caused to the ship and shipboard equipment, the responsible shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation and this Contract.
  • When the term of lease (charter) is over, all the passengers are obliged to leave the vessel.

I have read and accepted the above conditions and agree to ensure their fulfillment by the passengers during the cruise,

Responsible representative of the Charterer:

     ___________________________________________    «______»___________________201___


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