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Features and benefits
of gift certificates RENTFLOT

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gift sertificat of Rentflot
  • Payment by the Privat-24 or in the terminal PRIVATBANK
    (gift certificate you can get in the office or surface mail together with a map of berth, cash register receipt and the contract)

  • Presentable and informative

  • Easy to use by the certificate holder (activation for its number)

  • Open date and time of the event (determined by the certificate holder)

  • The possibility of replacing boats or type

gift sertificat of Rentflot
  • The presence of seal on the reverse side of the certificate (allowing avoid duplication)

  • Nameless certificate (a possibility to present again)

  • The absence or presence of the name and prices in certificate, thanks to the presence of two forms of gift certificates (for those who want hide or leave the value of the gift at the time of the delivery)


Payment for services

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Our clients

Adidas : "Благодарим Рент- флот за организованное мероприятние..."
Дружба : "Дякуемо компанії Рентфлот за обслуговування нашого колективу..."
ООО «Арктур» : "Фирма «Арктур» выражает свою признательность КСК Рентфлот за отличную организацию..."
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Live music became closer In order to diversify your stay on board the ship, in 2016 the Company Rentflot offers you a unique musical groups
Ice sailing in the Kiev reservoir On January 8, began master classes on ice yachting ...
In late April the beginning of the 2016 navigation! Largely depends on the weather ...
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