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Cooking on board from the company Rentflot - a high quality catering service and a great experience, since 1991, as evidenced thanks and recommendations of our numerous clients.

If you are planning an event and are looking for an interesting place - Banquet on the boat a good solution. Feast on the ship has a special atmosphere.

Our catering is useful to you, not only on board, but also on the island. Cooking on board is open throughout the voyage, providing quality service. Cocktail reception on the boat in Kiev or a banquet on the ship can be ordered in the ordinary restaurant, but it does not guarantee the timeliness and quality of services provided. Work on board requires special skill, and provided meals for the banquet should consider the features of the ship's kitchen.

Prepared menu of our restaurant catering service consists of the most delicious dishes and, if necessary, the administrator in charge of our kitchen on board, make a menu with the wishes and tastes of the client.

Each menu includes catering services, comprising:

  • the work of cooks and waiters
  • transporting in both directions
  • cargo handling
  • metal cutlery
  • glass and ceramic ware
  • serving and accessories
  • replacement and cleaning of plates
  • disposable dishes for the shore
  • location and vessel cleaning

Our catering service is based on the following principles:

  • appetizer according to the chosen menu we cook for 2 hours before the event
  • finished dish with cooking utensils in a thermos and special boxes are transported to the place of the banquet or buffet for 1-1.5 hours before the event
  • our waiters complete serving tables for 15-30 minutes before the event
  • customer, if desired, can independently purchase all drinks, alcoholic and soft (ware for all drinks we provide)
  • waiters are arranged drinks to the tables just before the start of the event

At the organization of any event, whether it's a birthday or a wedding, the reception of a delegation or the conference, a corporate party or a presentation - our catering will be indispensable!

making banquets on the ship, our staff has gained valuable experience working in small areas, with narrow corridors and limited time. Now we are ready to serve our clients in any territory and at any time.

We are always lucky with the weather!

It's really amazing feature of our events with a banquet on the ships!

In order to guarantee the success of your event, we are ready to negotiate constructively about catering on board (banquet or buffet), and discuss with you the following questions:

  • number of guests
  • type of event
  • venue
  • menu
  • drinks
  • regulations of the event
  • seating plan for guests
  • cards with the names of guests and table numbers
  • necessary technological equipment

We can assure you with full responsibility that we will do everything we can to please you and your guests and ensure your party, holiday, beautifully decorated dishes.

To organize banquet on the ship with Rentflot - it's easier than you thought. Jubilees, weddings, corporate events - with us you will have fun any event.

Flawless buffets and banquets - this is our business card. It is an individual approach to the Customer, in our view, ensures the success of the event.

After approval of the menu, you should consider in respect of entertainment events such as entertainers, music and interior design, amusement rides on a green park. In the list of entertainment on our website you will find the most popular offers from Rentflot.

Briefly about the terminology and advantages:

Banquet (fr. Banquet - bench) - gala dinner. Guests are seated at beautifully decorated and covered banquet tables (in more detail in Wikipedia)

Fourchette (from the French. Fourchette - ork) - sharing food, when invited to eat standing up, freely choosing food and drinks, serving themselves, using a fork exclusively (more detail on Wikipedia)

The main advantage of a buffet is that guests have the opportunity to move freely around the hall and communicate with their colleagues and friends. It is also a good choice for small sites, since it is possible to accommodate on its territory much larger number of visitors than in seating arrangements. At the cocktail party, as a rule, is a line of tables, nicely decorated with dishes, drinks and dishes for them. In the hall arranged tables for an aperitif (can be of different heights and shapes). Buffet menu, as opposed to the banquet, more diverse and also includes canapés, snacks, fruits and desserts.



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