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Average cost USD/hour, before

Number of guests


Motor yacht Blue Ocean
Capacity 15 guests
running hour 290 USD
idle hour 83 USD

14-meter flybridge yacht for a comfortable location on board a company of 15 guests more

Motor ship Vesna
Capacity 20 guests
running hour 67 USD
idle hour 37 USD

The appearance of the liner, on board a summer terrace for 20 guests. Convenient berth more

Sailing yacht Happy
Capacity 15 guests
hour 104 USD
half day 415 USD
day 796 USD

Sailing yacht "Oceanis Lux" V.I.P. work of the French shipyard, perfectly combines elegance and comfort more

Motor yacht Odysseya
Capacity 20 guests
running hour 467 USD
idle hour 311 USD

20-meter flybridge yacht for a comfortable location on board a company of 20 guests more

Motor ship Akona
Capacity 25 guests
running hour 70 USD
idle hour 33 USD

Spacious upper summer deck, powerful sound design, cozy bow cabin, barbecue aft more

Motor ship Antey
Capacity 25 guests
running hour 93 USD
idle hour 46 USD

The charming motor ship Antey with comfortable accommodation for guests in the banquet version both on the summer terrace and in the cabin. more

Motor ship Komandor
Capacity 12 guests
running hour 56 USD
idle hour 26 USD

Lovely inexpensive single-deck motor ship attraction Commander is ideal for families with children more

Enlarge photo of yacht Cobra Prestige
Capacity 6 guests
running hour 85 USD
idle hour 30 USD

Cobra Prestige is the spectacular appearance of a small motor yacht and the comfort on board, thanks to its practicality and thought-out space more

Motor ship Svoy
Capacity 12 guests
running hour 37 USD
idle hour 37 USD

Cozy boat in bright colors "Svoy" is ideal for small companies with a mooring for a picnic more

Motor ship Houseboat Despasito
Capacity 15 guests
running hour 44 USD
idle hour 44 USD

The Despasіto houseboat is an excellent option for small companies, interesting appearance, inexpensive daily freight more

Motor ship Kashtan-Roman Shukhevych
Capacity 117 guests
running hour 104 USD
idle hour 74 USD

On the ship Kashtan Roman Shukhevych is the most spacious saloon among double-deck vessels for large companies. Convenient berth at the river station more

Sailing yacht Santorini
Capacity 10 guests
hour 49 USD
half day 196 USD
day 296 USD

Romantic cruising motor-sailing yacht of premium "SANTORINI" TES 32 Dreamer will take you away from the city bustle of the city more

Rent of the motor ship Radionov
Capacity 117 guests
running hour 104 USD
idle hour 74 USD

Motor ship Radionov has the most spacious saloon among double-deck ships and is perfect for large companies. Convenient dock at the River Station more

Sailing yacht Bavaria-33 Alexander
Capacity 12 guests
hour 54 USD
half day 215 USD
day 356 USD

In the sailing yacht "Bavaria-33" V.I.P. (2006 release) works of the German shipyard Bavaria Yachtbau, perfectly combining elegance and comfort more

Sailing yacht Legende
Capacity 8 guests
hour 60 USD
half day 241 USD
day 437 USD

Legendary modification of the comfortable sea sailing and motor cruiser SUN ODYSSEY LEGEND 35 under the name LEGENDE (Легенд) more

Sailing yacht Diamant
Capacity 8 guests
hour 37 USD
half day 148 USD
day 296 USD

Sailing yacht Diamond is a great option for a memorable birthday, bachelorette party, bachelor party, other celebrations more

Sailing yacht Pegas
Capacity 8 guests
hour 61 USD
half day 278 USD
day 389 USD

Yacht "Pegas" with a comfortable cockpit with sun and rain cover more

Sailing yacht Laura
Capacity 6 guests
hour 28 USD
half day 111 USD
day 193 USD

Elegant sailing yacht Laura will give you the most valuable resource for today - filling your soul with unforgettable emotions and impressions more

Sailing yacht Morelo
Capacity 6 guests
hour 28 USD
half day 111 USD
day 241 USD

Cool sailing yacht "Morelo" for relaxing a pleasant company on the river and the shore (barbecue, wine, fish soup, swimming, cards ...) more

Sailing yacht Queen
Capacity 5 guests
hour 24 USD
half day 96 USD
day 148 USD

A noteworthy sailing yacht Koroleva for relaxing a pleasant company on the river and shore (barbecue, wine, fish soup, swimming, cards ...) more

Sailing yacht Yana
Capacity 14 guests
hour 46 USD
half day 185 USD
day 278 USD

Motor-sailing yacht "Yana" with a cover on the cockpit - neither rain nor sun are scary. Have a rest! more

Sailing yacht Grace
Capacity 8 guests
hour 44 USD
half day 178 USD
day 296 USD

Blagodat - a sailing motor cruise yacht of a comfort class passing the whole Mediterranean Sea more

Sailing yacht Chumak
Capacity 6 guests
hour 28 USD
half day 111 USD
day 193 USD

Small and compact sailing yacht Chumak for 7 guests on board. Enjoy your river recreation! more

Sailing yacht Navigator
Capacity 6 guests
hour 31 USD
half day 130 USD
day 241 USD

Beautiful and comfortable yacht Navigator with a spacious cockpit (seating area) more

Sailing yacht Bohemia
Capacity 6 guests
hour 30 USD
half day 119 USD
day 237 USD

Sailing yacht "Bogema" is beautiful, comfortable, inexpensive to rent. A walk on this yacht is a romance with the breeze more

Sailing Yacht Kurs
Capacity 6 guests
hour 26 USD
half day 119 USD
day 222 USD

Sailing yacht "Kurs" for lovers of enchanting Ukrainian nature. Give yourself a festive picnic in nature more

Rent of the motor ship Monblan
Capacity 120 guests
running hour 104 USD
idle hour 74 USD

Pleasure boats Monblan without a banquet hall. Convenient dock at River Port more

Sailing yacht Cobra-33 Exclusive
Capacity 12 guests
hour 70 USD
half day 281 USD
day 389 USD

Pleasant pastime on the yacht "Cobra-33 Exclusive" more

Popular entertainment

Fun and exciting team game Megabasketboll. You can arrange races in squirrel wheels, relay races, or you can put them on the ground and use them as “baskets” for playing giant basketball - team competition with a ball 1.5 m in diameter.


Video and photos made from quadcopter

Professional video-photo-operator of aero-drone for shooting on yachts, boats and motor ships. A spectacular 2-minute video and high-quality photo images will become an original decoration of your social networks or website, as well as your personal gallery. And the faces, emotions, surroundings captured on them will remind you of the wonderful moments of that day.

Dj with sound equipment

A fashionable and stylish DJ knows how to make you and your guests smile and dance, and bright professional sound and lighting design will make your holiday a real show.

Direct rental

We administer both public and private vessels, advertising and event agencies, travel agencies and hotels, intermediaries, and, of course, end customers work with us.

Best rental price

Each ship value is clearly regulated and declared in the relevant sections of the site

Office at the river station

We are at the epicenter of river shipping, nearby with the city center at M. Pochtovaya square. Here you can familiarize yourself with ships and berths, as well as get expert advice from our specialists


The feedback and recommendations of our customers confirm the high quality of the service that the employees of our company provide.

many years of experience

We annually serve hundreds of flights and thousands of guests, and we do not have the right to mistakes and shortcomings, as we value the image that has developed over the years


We work at any time without days off and holidays. Exit by boat, boat, yacht for half an hour, or set the table for 3 hours - this is for us, a common practice


In the shipping market since 2001, we are an officially registered trademark


Rent of motor ships is a priority area for Rentflot. This means that renting a motor ship in Kiev with Rentflot will be the best choice for you, because we have real experts in their field.


Who may be interested in renting motor ships in Kiev?

It is believed that renting a motor ship is a service exclusively for large companies. But in the fleet of ships Rentflot there are a variety of models of ships. Therefore, any company will be able to relax with us on the river - from 15 to 150 people!


Pay attention to the reputation and experience of the company. In the warm season, one of the most popular services is the rental of motor ships. Kiev, as a large city, has several companies providing such services. Rentflot is one of the most reliable and large companies where you can rent a ship.


We will put all our capabilities and all our experience in order to make your stay as comfortable and safe as possible. You can go for a short walk or take a small cruise for yourself - it’s easy with us, because our life’s business is to rent motor ships Kiev can become the starting point of an exciting journey - go for it!


Renting a motor ship is, first of all, saving your money and comfort of those present at the event. For many reasons, it is important to rent a boat for a certain number of people, only in this case it will not seem to you that there is a lot of space or not enough; you don’t have to look for guests all over the ship or huddle in cramped spaces. We offer various boat rental options for each individual case from 2 to 300 people.


Renting a motor ship is a whole complex of events, as a rule, organized by our company staff for you on a turnkey basis. You do not have to look separately for musicians, a host, a show ballet, transport, sports equipment, etc. - All of these services, if necessary, we can arrange for you at the highest level and in the right time.


Renting a motor ship is our on-line service: using the navigation of our website you can view photos and get the most popular information on renting motor ships, boats, yachts, jet skis (water scooters), catering services (see the menu and prices), as well as other services. In addition, you can make an order to rent a ship directly from the site! Just fill out the form and we will contact you to clarify the details.


The original party? A romantic walk? Just a day off? Boat rental is what you need! No technical inspections, no repairs - you just use the boat when it is convenient for you, and we take care of the rest. Sail away from the city alone or take friends with you - you will have a great time anyway. With our company, any solution is simple and affordable - a small motor boat for a Sunday walk or a real boat cruise. Choose!


For large companies, a serious solution is needed - a boat rental. Compact and reliable ship for 15 people or a real liner for 150 - here you will find any solution. Meet your colleagues? Have a buffet? Enough space for everyone! Plan a boat trip with your whole family and friends for your vacation - an unforgettable time awaits you! Our ships are equipped with everything necessary for your comfort and safety - the trip will be pleasant and carefree for you.


Truly feel the freedom will help you rent a yacht. The taste of true connoisseurs will be completely satisfied with us: a sailing or motor yacht, they are represented in our park in all its diversity. Please yourself and relatives, friends, impress colleagues. In the end, feel like a captain - go on a cruise on a yacht. We will gladly provide you with such an opportunity, as well as everything that will be necessary. Make your dream come true now!


If you are a lover of romance, and your friends and relatives love to have a great time in good company, if you need to organize a business meeting in a relaxed atmosphere away from prying eyes and city bustle, if you are planning a family celebration or intend to celebrate a holiday in nature - rent ship will allow you to hold an event at the highest level.


Rest on the river is a favorite pastime of Kievites and guests of the capital. You do not need to worry about anything, as our employees take care of the entire organization and material support of your event. And they, undoubtedly, have enough experience for everything to go without a hitch. Order any vessel you like and enjoy the rest on the water and the beauty of nature!


© 2001-2021. Rentflot

We accept payment:

River station, berth No. 5, st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, 4, Kiev
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Average cost USD/hour, before

Number of guests