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The most popular program of recreation
on the water and berth places

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from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm

  • 10:00 – 11:30 boat trip to the island Velikiy:
    • 09:00 – food, equipment and inventory loading, etc., assembly and preparation works on the boat
    • 09:30 – guests gathering near the pier and their next embarkation
    • 10:00 – sailing, banquet or fourchette, entertainer and DJ performance
  • 11:30 – 16:30 recreation on the island:
    • 11:30 – guests landing to the island, food and equipment unloading, assembly and preparation work on the shore
    • 12:00 – entertainment activities (attractions for active and passive recreation, disco, entertainer performance)
    • 14:00 – banquet or fourchette on the island with entertainer and DJ participation
    • 15:00 – entertainment activities continuation
  • 16:30 – 18:00 boat trip back to Kiev city:
    • 16:30 – banquet or fourchette continuation on the boat with entertainer and DJ participation
    • 18:00 – guests landing; food, equipment and inventory unloading, etc.

Example of the calculation according to the proposed program
of rest for 50 guests:

  1. Rent the ship "Kashtan - Roman Shuhevich", 708 USD/8 hours (3 running hours + 5 idle hours near the island "Great")
  2. Catering services: banquet + barbecue, 1270 USD/50 people
    (including 10% of the service according, not including the cost alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, - as a rule, the customer buys their own, and the dishes for drinks we offer)
  3. Services of an MC and DJ with sound equipment on board the ship and on the island, 154 USD/event
  4. Services two instructors with sports equipment of attraction "Sports equipment", 97 USD/event
    (10 types of equipment for the island: pneumatic, darts, hookah, tennis, badminton, volleyball balls. net, frisbee, backgammon ...)
  5. Rent a jet ski with the services of an instructor with life-saving equipment, 218 USD/event

Total: 2 445 USD

This is the most typical estimate of the event, although it can be adjusted (change, supplement, reduce).

Scheme of route to the island Velikiy, to park Mezhyhirya
and bypass line

Scheme of route to the island Olgin and to the town Ukrainka

In addition to barbecue on the island we recommend you to cultural and cognitive rest Mezhyhiria. So, 2014th year marked the beginning CRUISE Mezhyhiria, where a beautiful promenade, beautiful park, a unique landscape, a zoo of rare animals and more.

For the filling your event program we offer visit our sections:


Photo Gallery Holiday on motor ship, yacht and island

We are always glad to invite you on board

or fashionable yacht

with a tasty banquet tables

or wish - with a table setting in a cocktail party version,

with great emcee

on the green shore

or the picturesque island, such as "Velikiy"

We booked it in advance,

with beautiful beaches

you can have a great time,

enjoying a delicious barbecue,

delicious soup,

and other tasty food on board

or outdoors,

and possible and protected from rain and sun,

with the music of one of our DJs,

playing mega-basketball,

or shooting a rifle,

or bow and crossbow,

throwing darts,

or rolling in a pneumatic wheel,

riding on a scooter,

or running inside sphere and tuba,

playing in a paintball,

or having fun set of "sports equipment".

We wish you an unforgettable vacation!


Payment for services

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