Routes and places of rest

Obolon - Island Veliky

The Rentflot company invites you to make a fascinating journey to Velikiy Island, on one of the motor ships, yachts or boats of our fleet.

Enlarge photo of the route from Obolon to Velikiy Island

Podol - island Olgin

Holguin Island is the second most popular place (after Velikiy Island) for recreation on almost all types of yachts and boats, as well as small motor ships.

Enlarge photo of the route of the walk to the island of Holguin

Podol - Mezhyhirya

We recommend cultural and educational rest in Mezhyhirya. So, 2014 marked the beginning of the revival of travel by motor ships to the former Mezhyhirsky monastery, where there is a beautiful embankment, a picturesque park area, a unique landscape, a zoo of rare animals and much more.

Enlarge photo of the walk along the route Podol-Mezhyhirya


Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea in the southern part of Ukraine. It is known for its beaches and 19th century architecture, such as the building of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. The Potemkin Stairs, world famous for the movie "Battleship Potemkin", leads to the sea, where the Vorontsov lighthouse is located. Primorsky Boulevard stretches along the coast. Here you can stroll and admire the coastal mansions and monuments.

Obolon - Desna river

People have always admired its beauty and recalled in their works writers and poets, historical events took place on its banks and ancient mighty cities appeared.

Enlarge photo of the route to the Desna river

Obolon - Pochtovaya sq.

Obolon - Poshtova Square, the classic route of the river boat, which you can and now pass on a sailing yacht or motorboat.

Enlarge photo of a walk from Obolon to Pochtovaya Square

Podol - Veliky Island

A real island on the river, with a sandy shore and mixed forest.  The island is popular among organizers of entertainment events and corporate vacations because of the green glades for games and picnics. You can get to the island by ship from the center of Kiev in 2-3 hours. 

Enlarge photo of the shores of Veliky Island

Obolon - Obvidny Canal

The world's longest bypass canal along an artificial reservoir is located in Ukraine, on the Dnieper above Kiev.

Enlarge photo of a walk from Obolon to Obvodny Canal

Osokorki - Pochtova sq.

An interesting, urban route. On the section Osokorki - Pochtova plosch, we will pass four bridges, see the most popular views of Kiev, the statue of the Mother Motherland and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, as well as one of the longest embankments in Europe.

Koncha Zaspa - Rzhishchev

A walk towards Rzhishchev takes more than 1 hour and will give you a lot of interesting impressions and emotions.

Enlarge the photo of the walk route from Koncha Zaspa to Rzhishchev

Osokorki - Vodnikov Island

The history of the island is varied, as is its coastline that has changed many times.

Enlarge photo of the route from Osokorky to Vodnikov Island

Podil - Island Vezenia

A picnic on the Island of Luck after a walk along the Dnieper is a great option for both a large team and a small company.

Hydropark - Veliky South Island

Great South, Great Small - this island has several names. If you know about this, then you will not be confused when choosing a route for a walk and rest on the Dnieper.

Enlarge photo of the route from Hydropark to Velikiy Yuzhny Island

Obolon - Kiev reservoir

The Kiev Reservoir or the Kiev Sea - the names are different, but everyone will immediately understand where the company is going to rest.

Enlarge the photo of the route from Obolon to the Kiev reservoir

Koncha Zaspa - Ukrainka city

The “City of Power Engineers” and Tripoli are waiting for you at the end of this interesting route.

Enlarge photo of a walk along the route Koncha Zaspa - Ukrainka city

Osokorki - Holguin Island

There are rare snow-white water lilies on the island, and the ermine is found. And the decoration of the reserve is a colony of herons.

Enlarge photo of the route Osokorki - Holguin Island

Hydropark - Desna river

In ancient times, the famous route "from the Varangians to the Greeks" ran along the river. Later, along the Desna, Slavic merchants moved into the depths of the virgin northern forests and exchanged their goods for bear skins, beaver and squirrel furs. And Bryansk industrialists sent caravans of ships to Kiev loaded with Boehm, white and semi-white glass, crystal products, enameled dishes, cast iron and other goods.

Enlarge photo of a walk from Hydropark to the Desna River

Kiev reservoir

The Kiev reservoir is known for the longest man-made dam in the world. And also - it really becomes a sea - the salinity of the water and the amount of salt change. This is not the Black yet, but in 1000 years there will be a salty sea here.

Enlarge photo of a walk along the Kiev reservoir

Hydropark - Vodnikov Island

The island got its name after the construction of a part of a shipbuilding and ship repair plant on it in the post-war years.

Enlarge photo of the route Hydropark - Vodnikov Island

Koncha Zaspa - Kozachy Island

Kozachy Island is a part of the Regional Landscape Park "Dnieper Islands" and belongs to the protected area.

Enlarge photo of the walk Koncha Zaspa - Kozachy Island

Osokorki - Great South Island

The route is short, but how can you deny yourself the pleasure of going on a picnic with your family or friends on a yacht!

Enlarge photo of a walk to Veliky Yuzhny Island

Podil - Kiev reservoir

Biologists estimate the natural diversity of the Kiev Sea as the highest of all the reservoirs of the Dnieper cascade.

Enlarge photo of the route Podil - Kiev Sea

Hydropark - Holguin Island

Holguin Island is located near Koncha-Zaspa (Zhukov Island). According to legend, the castle of Princess Olga was located here.

Enlarge photo of a walk along the route Hydropark - Holguin Island

Obolon - Kiev (HPP) dam

The dam, the Kiev reservoir, the Obvodny Canal - all these are the components of the Kiev hydroelectric power station - the first (upper) stage of a cascade of hydroelectric power plants on the territory of Ukraine, built on the Dnieper river.

Enlarge photo of the route Obolon - Kiev Dam

Koncha Zaspa - Vezeniya Island

A wonderful recreation area, far from civilization, but in a comfortable place. Both adults and children will get pleasure from walking and rest.

Enlarge the photo of the route from Koncha Zaspa to the Island of Luck

Hydropark - Veliky Island

Upstream of the Dnieper River, between the dam of the Kiev reservoir and Obolon (opposite Vyshgorod), on 315 hectares, there is a natural pearl of the Kiev water area - Velikiy Island.

Enlarge photo of the route Hydropark - Veliky Island

Podil - Vodnikov Island

Before the revolution, the island was known as Chernechiy, since it had long belonged to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and it was also called Galerny since. besides the convenience of the pier, it resembled a large galley barge in shape. 

Enlarge photo of the walk along the route Podil - Vodnikov Island

Obolon - Mezhyhorye

The Mezhyhirsky Monastery was finally destroyed in 1935, and since then its territory has served as the residence of more than one state ruler, both in Soviet times and later.

Enlarge photo of the route from Obolon to Mezhyhorye

Osokorki - Rzhishchev

Rzhishchev is located above the Kanev reservoir. In this place, the Dnieper seems wide and endless, the distance between the banks is more than 3 km.

Enlarge photo of a walk to Rzhishchev

Hydropark - Obvodnoy Canal

The bypass canal stretches along the left bank of the Kiev reservoir for 77 kilometers, and its depth in some places reaches 7 meters.

Koncha Zaspa - Holguin Island

Holguín is surrounded by picturesque dense vegetation with a muddy bottom and a rapid current around it. Holguín is a great place to get away from civilization and relax with friends or work colleagues.

Enlarge photo of a walk from Koncha Zaspa to Holguin Island

Hydropark - Kiev reservoir

The Kiev Sea begins immediately behind Vyshgorod from a 70-kilometer dam - the longest artificial dam in the world.

Enlarge photo of the route of the walk Hydropark - Kiev reservoir

Hydropark - Pochtovaya Sq.

Walking along the central water area of Kiev - one of the most valuable historical monuments and significant places of the city can be seen from the water on this route.

Enlarge photo Hydropark - Pochtovaya sq.

Gidropark - Vezenia Island

There are many interesting places around Kiev, and the Island of Luck is one of such places.

Enlarge photo of the route Hydropark - Island Vezenia

Gidropark - Kiev (HPP) dam

For several years in a row, until 2014, the Formula 1 World Speed Racing Championship took place on the Kiev Sea. The race cars developed a speed of more than 200 km/h and it was a real sight for the people of Kiev and the guests of the championship.

Enlarge photo of the route Hydropark - Kiev Dam

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