The price includes:

  • SUPboards
  • paddles for paddles
  • safety harness

Rental price: 

Sat.- Sun.:

  • 179 USD/event with 5 SAP boards
  • 357 USD/event with 10 SAP boards
  • the cost of more glanders. boards are negotiated additionally

Mon.- Fri.:

  • 134 USD/event with 5 SAP boards
  • 268 USD/event with 10 SAP boards 
  • the cost of more glanders. boards are negotiated additionally

Rent cost not includes:

  • 45 USD - delivery with in Kiev
  • 1 instructor up to 10 SUPs - 50 USD

Description of the service:

SUP, Paddleboarding, SUP Surfing, Stand-Up-Paddling, SUP - these are the most common names for a new and very exciting sport - paddle boarding. The pace of SUP expansion cannot be compared with any other sport in the world. SUP athletes already have their own separate discipline in many rowing competitions, and amateur SUP competitions attract hundreds of applicants. Today it is safe to say that with such a rate of distribution, SUP has every chance of becoming an Olympic discipline in the next decade. 

If you want to try something new, then plan a SUP vacation. A sea of ​​positive emotions is provided for you. This is a new type of water recreation. SUP is available for all ages (from child to senior). It takes the instructor 10-15 minutes to teach the basic SUP-board maneuvers. You don't need to have any special skills to learn SUP boarding.


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We accept payment:

River station, berth No. 5, st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, 4, Kiev
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