Yacht "Lana"

28 USD/hour (at the rate of 4 hours)

111 USD/half day (for 4 hours)

222 USD/day (for 8 hours)

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10 guests




On Board we provide free of charge

music center MP3, USB

2-burner gas stove

refrigerator, freezer


barbecue for 10 skewers, 10 skewers, grill


life jackets (including children)

2-seater rubber boat

captain - Oleg

He was born in 1968. He is a lieutenant colonel of the reserve, has 20 years of service in tank troops and the navy. He controlled a floating armored vehicle and river military vessels. Since 2005 - in yachting, and since 2008 - captain of the yacht Lana. Hobbies: CEO, WEB and computer design, development and publication of board games, music, travel, sports. Business - Printing

Sat.- Sun., holidays:

  • 54 USD/hour

Mon.- Fri.:

  • 36 USD/hour - until 18:00
  • 54 USD/hour - after 18:00

General terms:

  • min. order - 2 hours
  • + 18 USD/flight - more than 8 people
  • 0 USD/training in yacht management

Walk with an overnight stay (12 hours, for example, 22:00-10:00):

  • 179 USD/flight - 1-2 guests (1 cabin)

The program includes:

  • evening sailing trip (1-2 hours)
  • dinner on board the yacht (food must be taken with you)
  • sleeping in a double cabin on the yacht (bed linen provided)
  • breakfast on board (coffee, tea is free)
  • morning sailing trip (1-2 hours)
  • landing on the island and sailing at night, the program does not provide.

Yacht supply for embarkation and disembarkation of guests:

  • 8 USD/to the Kiev city yacht club
  • 2 USD/guest to the elite yacht club "Riviera" with a paid guarded parking lot

Take with you:

  • removable shoes without heels with soft non-marking non-slip soles (crocs, moccasins, sneakers or barefoot), clothes without abrasive fittings and accessories, headwear, windbreaker, sun glasses, sunscreen, bathing suit, towel

Quick consultation: 
097-500-03-07 Viber, 099-500-03-07, 073-500-03-01

  • 8 banquet seats - in the saloon

Furshet (banquet) and buffet boxes from Rentflot - Imperial Catering

Ready menus of our restaurant consist of the most exquisite dishes, and if necessary, our administrator, responsible for the kitchen on board, will individually prepare the menu. If you wish, you can buy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks by yourself. We do not save on food or service, together with this we offer reasonable prices.

Menu ordering benefits:

  • Flexibility - our specialists are always attentive, taking into account individual wishes, peculiarities of the boat, the flight and the weather
  • Service is a whole complex of services. Dishes today are hard to surprise, good restaurants a lot. But not every catering can create an atmosphere. We - can!
  • You'll save your time, energy and money. Of course, you can take care of the menu yourself, but it will entail much more costs, although at first glance it seems more profitable
  • Special skills - by covering banquets on ships, our staff have gained valuable experience in small spaces, with narrow corridors and limited time. We are ready to serve our customers in any territory and at any time. Order, and the result will exceed your expectations!
  • Design - table decoration plays an important role in the atmosphere of the event, and we have greatly succeeded in it! We have more than two dozen different table layout options, from textiles and dishes to staff clothing and floristry.

Order a banquet, a buffet, a box menu at the catering administrator:
097-500-03-07 Viber, 099-500-03-07, 073-500-03-01

  • length: 10 m
  • width: 3.5 m
  • landing: 0.5 m
  • speed under sails: 20 km/h
  • speed on the electric motor: 10 km/hour
  • electricity: 12 V
  • Sails area: 50 sq.m.


Sea cruising yacht, built at Mariupol shipyard on the classic Sharpi project with reinforced rigging and lifting keel especially for the Azov Sea.
The only yacht in the Kiev water area, which fully implemented the principle of 100% environmental friendliness: sails, solar panels, electric motor. 
The romantic orientation of walks is provided by silent movement of the yacht by means of wind and sun. 

Sailing training is included in the price of the yacht. 

The yacht has:

  • comfortable upper deck
  • cabin-companion for 8 banquet seats
  • 3 double and 1 single cabins
  • kitchen with gas stove
  • garbage (bathroom)

Typical routes:

  • 2 hour walk around Big Island
  • 4 hour walk to Vodnikov Island
  • 4 hour sightseeing tour to Kyiv Pechersk Lavra
  • 6-8 hour - walk to O.Zhukov with mooring at the restaurant "Dniprovska Reviera"
  • 6-8 hour - walk to Vodnikov Island or about. Olginsky with landing on the "Wild" shore
  • 6-8 hour - walk on the Dnieper Amazon around the island. Olginsky Island with a visit to the nest of grey egrets
  • pass to the sunken church in Kanev reservoir (3-5 days)
  • participation in sailing regattas and scheduled tours


With it choose
weight 2250 g.
price from 55 USD/guest
min order from 1000 USD

Phone numbers of the catering service: 099 5000 307, 097 5000 307

weight 2500 g.
price from 160 USD/guest
min order from 1600 USD

Phone numbers of the catering service: 099 5000 307, 097 5000 307

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