Tour on the Dnieper River with a guide

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  • guide services
  • transportation expenses with in central water area of Kiev

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  • 18 USD/hour
  • 22 USD/hour (English)

Description of the service:

Our experienced guides will familiarize you with events of our ancient history, as well as with little known facts that were kept secret before for ideological reasons. After all, the Dnieper has been uniting the Kievan Rus' with other countries and nations since olden times. 

Even today the river plays a huge role for economic activities of Ukraine. During the trip about the river you will enjoy beautiful panorama of the Dnieper slopes on the right bank and contemporary large forest areas on the left bank, familiarize with temples on Podol, see magnificent structures of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the unique complex of Ukrainian Baroque of Vydubichi St. Michael monastery, learn the legends of Lysaya (Bald) Mountain, puzzles of Myshelovka, Korchevatoe and many other things.

On your way to Vyshgorod (to the North) you will hear a story about Obolon, legends of Urochische (Tract) Natalka, enjoy modern structures of Slavutich embankment. You will not remain indifferent when you listen about «Olga's Town - Vyshgorod» which is mentioned in the chronicles as early as 946 as residence of the princess Olga the Great.

While moving in the Southern direction (towards Kanev) you will learn about the Tripolye Culture, which along with Skif and ancient Rus' Cultures is one of the peaks of development of ancient civilization on the territory of contemporary Ukraine. Tripolye, Stayki, Rzhyschev as well as other cities and villages remind us about the phenomenon of this archeological culture.


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