Motor ship "Victoria" V.I.P.

142 USD/running hour

69 USD/idle hour

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40 guests


Koncha Zaspa


25 places

On Board we provide free of charge

music center (CD, MP3, MP4, DVD), acoustics throughout the ship

microwave oven, 4-burner electric stove, refrigerator

bar counter with bar, air conditioner


grill for 25 skewers

3 table and 10 chairs for taking out to the island

captain - Anatoly

He was born in 1958. In 1981 graduated from Kiev river school. He worked as a fireman, mechanic, mechanic

  • 183 USD/running hour (min. order - 3 hours)
  • 135 USD/4th and every following running hours
  • 96 USD/idle hour

It is not possible to enter with your meal

Motor ship supply for embarkation and disembarkation of guests (one way):

  • 0 USD/to the restaurant "Mayachek" in Koncha-Zaspa
  • 130 USD/to the river terminal + 56 USD port dues
  • Payment in UAH at the commercial rate
  • 25 banquet seats - on the lower deck or
  • 25 banquet seats - on the upper deck or
  • 40 buffet seats - on 2 decks
  • It is not possible to enter with your meal.

Aboard the ship, only author's kitchen works. 
The menu is developed according to the client's request and wishes.

Estimated cost of author's cuisine:

  • from 56 USD/guest - buffet
  • from 56 USD/guest - banquet
  • All drinks can be "theirs"
  • length: 36 m
  • width: 5.3 m
  • landing: 1.3 m
  • speed: 20 km/hour
  • voltage: 220 V, 30 kW
  • engine power: 150 + 150 hp


Two-deck VIP-class motor ship. Delivery to the berth at the metro "Dnipro" is possible. 

The ship has:

  • salon on the lower deck for 25 banquet seats
  • salon on the upper deck for 25 banquet
  • 40 buffet seats on 2 decks
  • 2 cabins
  • kitchen
  • 3 bathrooms (WC)
With it choose
weight 800 g.
price from 700 USD/guest
min order from 3000 USD

Phone numbers of the catering service: 099 5000 307, 097 5000 307

weight 300 g.
price from 2000 USD/guest

Phone numbers of the catering service: 099 5000 307, 097 5000 307

Megabasketball on the island
price 139 USD
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idle hour 139 USD

The appearance of the liner, on board luxurious cabins for 20 guests and an operating bar. Convenient berth more

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Two-level saloon of the first deck passing into the bow, a spacious second deck more

Corporate sailing regatta on the Dnepr River
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Cruise on the Kiev Sea from Vyshgorodskaya Bay
adult ticket 4 USD
childrens ticket 0 USD

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We accept payment:

River station, berth No. 5, st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, 4, Kiev
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