Osokorki - Desna river

Route "Osokorki - Desna river"

  From the yacht club on Osokorki, the yacht enters the Dnieper and, overcoming the current, heads up past the green hills of the right-bank Kyiv, where guests have beautiful views of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and behind the Metro bridge and Hydropark (Venetian Island), the yacht will pass along the park Eternal Glory, Askold's grave, Mariinsky park and palace, leaving Trukhanov Island on the left. Passing under the Pedestrian Bridge, you will reach Postal Square. Further, the path passes under the Petrovsky Railway and Northern bridges, up between Natalka Park and the Severny and Muromets islands, goes along Obolon, and, leaving Velikiy Island on the left side, we approach the mouth of the Desna.


Description of the resting place

  The Desna is the largest tributary of the Dnieper River, the 4th longest of the 6 large rivers of Ukraine (575 km in Ukraine + 555 km outside (basin area - 41300 km2), more than 60% of the capital's drinking water comes from this waterway). 

  Desna originates in the Bryansk region. Desna passes into the territory of Ukraine near the village. Muravy. 

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