Osokorki-Velykyi Island

Route "Osokorki - Veliky Island"

From the yacht club on Osokorki, the yacht enters the Dnieper, and goes upstream against the current under the Darnitsky bridge, past the Vydubychi Castle restaurant, the green hills of the right-bank Kyiv, views of the Lavra, the Mariinsky Palace, the Funicular, leaving the Venetian and, further, the Trukhanov Islands on the right , and on the left - Rybalsky Island. Further under the North Bridge, and, along the Muromets Park and North Island, it follows north - to Velikiy Island


Description of the resting place

  Upstream of the Dnieper River, between the dam of the Kyiv reservoir and Obolon (opposite Vyshgorod), on 315 hectares, there is a natural pearl of the Kyiv water area - Veliky Island. The shape of the island resembles a horseshoe with a comfortable lagoon.

  The coast of most of the island is sandy, in some places steep with a beautiful beach area. The sandy edge turns into a zone of mixed forest with shady lawns and open glades, where you can have a great rest, have a picnic, passive-active rest. On its territory, 24 species of animals and 4 species of plants included in the Red Book have been identified.

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