Motor ship "Lux Liner" V.I.P.

472 USD/running hour

250 USD/idle hour

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250 guests




180 places

On Board we provide free of charge

music center (acoustic system throughout the ship), TV (LCD, 32 inches)

electric stoves, microwave ovens

refrigerators, freezers

bar counter (bar)

air conditioners

espresso coffee machines

captain - Vladimir

He has already completed 45 navigations in the fleet. He graduated from the Kiev River School and the Leningrad Institute of Water Transport. He worked in the towing fleet of the most of his life, and managed icebreaking vessels. He worked for several years in the Kiev river port in a leadership position. He became the captain of this ship since 2016.

  • 608 USD/running hour
  • 322 USD/idle hour at the berth with electricity
  • 10% discount on freight when renting 5 hours or more
  • 15% discount on freight when renting 8 hours or more
  • 3215 USD/flight - min. order (rent + menu + drinks)
  • 8 USD/person - services of the team when it is necessary to load equipment, inventory, things of the customer
  • 30% advance payment, and the remaining 70% is paid 5 days before the flight
  • an additional charge of more than 10 kW

It is not possible to enter with your meal

Motor ship supply for embarkation and disembarkation of guests:

  • 0 USD/to the pier of the river station
  • 180 banquet or 250 buffet seats - on the lower deck hall "Victoria" (216 sq. m)
  • 120 banquet or 150 buffet seats - on the middle deck hall "Rose" (139 sq.m)
  • 200 buffet places - on the sun deck
  • It is not possible to enter with your meal.

Aboard the ship, only author's kitchen works. 
The menu is developed individually, according to the client's request and wishes.

Estimated costs:

  • 3.5 USD / bottle of wine (up to 1 liter), 6 USD / bottle of alcohol (up to 1 liter) - cork-free
  • + 5% of the menu - service
  • menu dishes are approved 5 days before the flight, and if 3 days before the flight, then compensation + 10% of the total cost for meals, less than 3 days is not allowed

Cuisine facilities on board:

  • we offer menu as 8-course tasting with a choice of 55 USD for two at least one week before your event
  • great European cuisine and traditional Ukrainian (Russian) dishes
  • Chef has extensive experience in the best restaurants of Kiev
  • bar with a wide selection of classic drinks and a variety of cocktails
  • the whole meal is prepared on board by a team of professional cooks from fresh and certified, quality products to ensure a high level of cuisine
  • length: 70 m
  • width: 9 m
  • speed: 20 km/hour
  • max speed: 30 km/h
  • landing: 1.6 m
  • voltage: 220 V
  • power: 300 kW


Three-deck cruise ship of prestige class, designed by German shipbuilders. Schottel's integrated system, which allows the ship to rotate 360 degrees, makes it extremely manoeuvrable. The motor ship is the fastest motor ship on the Dnieper - up to 30 km/h. The ship does not dock on unfinished shores.

On the main (lower) deck: 

  • hall "Victoria". (216 sq.m.) for 180 banquet seats or 250 buffet seats or 250 conference seats
  • galley

On the upper (middle) deck:

  • hall "Rose" (139 sq.m.) for 120 banquet seats or 150 buffet seats, or 150 conference seats
  • сabin-dressing room
  • 10 latrines (toilets)

On the sun deck:

  • 200 buffet seats
  • round tables with sun loungers

It takes 2 hours to reach Veliky Island, 1.5 hours back.

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running hour 319 USD
idle hour 160 USD

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Corporate sailing regatta on the Dnepr River
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day 833 USD

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Cruise on the Kiev Sea from Vyshgorodskaya Bay
adult ticket 4 USD
childrens ticket 0 USD

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We accept payment:

River station, berth No. 5, st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, 4, Kiev
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