Gidropark - Mezhyhorye

Route "Gidropark - Mezhyhorye"

  From the Hydropark we go up the Dnieper River past Trukhanov Island, under the Pedestrian Bridge, along the slopes of the right bank of Kyiv, where you can see the Mariinsky Park and the Palace, the lights of the Dynamo stadium, the Friendship of Peoples Arch, the glass bridge, the monument to Vladimir, the Funicular and the River Station on Postal Square. Further past the Rybalsky Island and the island of Muromets, under the Petrovsky railway and Northern bridges, past the mouth of the Desna. We go around Velikiy Island and approach Vyshgorod and the gateway with access to the Kiev reservoir. We pass the lock and leave the Vyshgorodskaya embankment "Chaika" on the left, past the lighthouse, go to Mezhyhirya.


Description of the resting place

  A picturesque historical area - Mezhyhirya (the former residence of the former president of Ukraine in the village of Novye Petrivtsi, which he occupied from 2002 to 2014), which modern historians call nothing other than the second Jerusalem due to historical facts, in particular:

- in 988. the first Orthodox candle was lit on the territory of Kievan Rus; 
- the funeral service for Yaroslav the Wise was performed here; buried Evstafy Gogol - great-grandfather of N.V. Gogol, Semyon Paliy; 
- twice lived and painted pictures of T.G. Shevchenko for a long time; 
- now there is a museum of corruption.

  Mezhyhirya is 74 years older than the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

  On its territory there are artificial lakes with shady parks and hunting grounds, a yacht pier with a yacht restaurant "Galleon", a club house "Honka" and a palace on the water, an equestrian club, a zoo, a nursery, a shooting range, a golf club, a helipad, museums transport and other entertainment and tourist complexes.

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