Hydropark - Veliky South Island

  The largest areas on the Veliky South island are sandy steppes - they occupy the entire central elevated part of the island. The narrow coastal strips of the island are covered with solid deciduous forest.

Route "Hydropark - Veliky South Island"

  Down the Dnieper, along the Venitsiansky Island, which will be on the left, and the slopes of the right-bank Kiev, which reveals the beauty of the Park of Eternal Glory, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Singing Field, passes under the Paton and Darnitsky bridges and leads to the Veliky Yuzhny island.


Description of the resting place

  The island of Great South is actually quite small in size (40 hectares), in contrast to the northern island of Veliky (315 hectares), and is a sandy island in the middle of the Dnieper river in the area of ​​the South bridge within the Goloseevsky district of Kiev. O. Veliky Yuzhny was formed from shoals, starting from the Venetian island, through the islands of Maly and Veliky Yuzhny to the south to the historic mouth of the Lybid river near Lysaya Gora, and in the 16th century it was known as Nikolsky or Osokoryansky island.

  It entered the protected area of ​​the regional landscape park "Dnieper Islands" and is a relic of the hydrological situation in the Dnieper valley at least 500 years ago. Here also grows the Ukrainian goat and the Dnieper groundwort, which entered in 1991. to the European Red List.

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