Obolon - South Bridge

The route "Obolon - South Bridge"

Leaving the yacht club on Obolon, we go downstream along the Dnieper, along North and Muromets islands on the left and Natalka park on the right, we pass under the North and Petrovsky bridges between Rybalsky and Trukhanov islands, we reach Postal Square and continue the route passing under the Pedestrian bridge, watching from the river the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, the Mariinsky Park and the Palace. Behind the Metro bridge, a view of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Singing Field opens on the right, and the Venetian Island (Hydropark) remains on the left. Passing under the Paton and Darnitsky bridges, we walk along the island. Great South and turn around near the South Bridge.


Description of the turning point

The cable-stayed single-pylon bridge crosses the Dnieper River, connecting the right and left banks of Kyiv.

The official name of the structure, 135 meters high, 1256 meters long and 41 meters wide, is the South Bridge.

The bridge crossing combines the movement of road transport and the subway. The total length of the crossing is 8.8 km, of which 3 km is occupied by artificial structures: a 1.3 km long bridge across the Dnieper, a 1.5 km right-bank overpass and a multi-tier traffic interchange.

The construction of the bridge before the first commissioning lasted 7 years: automobile traffic on the bridge was opened on December 25, 1990. And 2 years later, on December 30, 1992, the movement of metro trains started.

The total construction cost was about $200 million.

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