Hydropark - Desna river

Route "Hydropark - Desna River"

  Turning to the right from the Venetian Island along the Dnieper, the route will pass between Trukhanov Island and the slopes of the right bank of Kiev, which offers a view of the Mariinsky Park and the Palace, and passing under the Pedestrian Bridge, to the Arch of Friendship of Peoples and the Funicular located on Pochtovaya Square. Further, past Rybalsky Island, Muromets Park and Natalka Park, under the Zheleznodorozhny and Severny Bridges, bypassing Severny Island, along Obolon and reaching Veliky Island, it will turn right to the Desna mouth.


Description of the resting place

  The Desna is the largest tributary of the Dnieper River, the 4th longest of the 6 large rivers of Ukraine (575 km in Ukraine + 555 km outside, more than 60% of the capital's drinking water comes from this waterway). The winding forms of the river are interesting for passing on boats, small motor ships and resting on its banks.

  People have always admired its beauty and recalled in their works writers and poets, historical events took place on its banks and ancient mighty cities appeared.

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