Gidropark - Vezenia Island

  A picnic on the Island of Luck after a walk along the Dnieper is a great option for both a large team and a small company.

Route "Gidropark - O. Vezenia"

  After passing the Metro bridge, the route lies along the green slopes of the Dnieper, offering views of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Singing Field and the Park of Eternal Glory. We pass under the Paton, Darnitsky and Yuzhny bridges. After passing the island of Zhukov and the passage to the Galernaya Zatoka, rounding Vodnikov Island, Kazachy Island and Olgin Island, we come to Vezenia Island.


Description of the resting place

  "Vezenia Island" is not an island in the vastness of the Dnieper, but a recreation area on the mainland in a beautiful picturesque corner on the bank, 26 km from Kiev towards Ukrainka. You can come here with a huge motor ship and perfectly celebrate a corporate party, or you can also take a small yacht and spend time comfortably in a comfortable, but far from civilization place. The guests of the base have at their disposal a beach and shady green areas, sports grounds and gazebos, a restaurant and a real Russian bath with access to the Dnieper.

Also used by
Speed boat Finmaster
Capacity 8 guests
running hour 47 USD
idle hour 17 USD

Motor yacht Finmaster is the best option for a small company, which makes it very popular for little money more

Boat Bayliner-180 Wake
Capacity 6 guests
running hour 42 USD
idle hour 17 USD

High-speed boat Beyliner-180 with a wake will give you an unforgettable ride along the Dnieper more

Boat Bayliner-175 Wake
Capacity 6 guests
running hour 47 USD
idle hour 47 USD

Sports boat Urban Wake with equipment: wakeboard, surfboard, bun more

Boat Aqua Limousine
Capacity 6 guests
running hour 69 USD
idle hour 69 USD

FIRST! An extraordinary and fun hydrofoil solution for weddings, stag parties, hen parties ... - Aqua Limousine more

Motor ship Budmo
Capacity 20 guests
running hour 69 USD
idle hour 35 USD

Small presentable motor ship "Bud'mo" is an excellent option for various events more

Motor yacht Princess-45
Capacity 10 guests
running hour 233 USD
idle hour 233 USD

Great choice: a good combination of color and shape, cherry wood trim, bright sofa upholstery more

Boat Bayliner-285
Capacity 8 guests
running hour 97 USD
idle hour 61 USD

Motor yacht Bayliner-285 with a comfortable sun deck and spacious saloon more

Boat Bayliner-175
Capacity 7 guests
running hour 47 USD
idle hour 22 USD

Small boat Bayliner-175 with trailed equipment: bun, water skiing more

Motor ship Svoy
Capacity 12 guests
running hour 28 USD
idle hour 28 USD

Cozy boat in bright colors "Svoy" is ideal for small companies with a mooring for a picnic more

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