Podol - island Olgin

  It is located not far from Koncha-Zaspa (Zhukov Island), about 1.5 hours on a pleasure boat from the metro station. Dnieper.

Route "Podil - Olgin Island"

  Passing under the pedestrian bridge, past Trukhanov Island, the route lies along the green slopes of the Dnieper, overlooking the Mariinsky Park, Askold's grave, and, passing the Metro bridge, to the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Pevcheskoe Pole and Glory Park. The ship passes under the Paton, Darnitsky and Yuzhny bridges. Pass by the island of Zhukov and the passage to the Galernaya Zatoka, having rounded Vodnikov Island and Kazachy Island, we come to Olgin Island.


Description of the place of rest - Olgin Island

  According to legend, the castle of Princess Olga was located here.

  The island is surrounded by picturesque dense vegetation with a muddy bottom and a rapid current around it. Holguín is a great place to get away from civilization and relax with friends or work colleagues. Often the most beautiful places for recreation are occupied by yachting tourists, fishermen on boats, scouts who are training to survive in non-urban settings.

  Representatives of European and Asian flora and fauna coexist here in an amazing way. In the reserve, which has become part of the regional landscape park "Dnieper Islands", scientists have discovered many rare plants, insects and birds.

  Here you can find rare snow-white water lilies, medicinal herbs, otter and ermine. The decoration of the reserve is a colony of herons.

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