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Motor ship renting

Professional motor ship renting is the basic profile of our navigation company since the year 2001. In addition to renting a motor ship, motor boat or yacht, we shall organize for you a banquet and entertainment events right onboard of the chosen ship or on the island. While the ship stays moored, we can offer you barbeque on a meadow. Banquet or buffet menu will be composed according to your individual wishes.

All the motor ships, motor boats and yachts on our web-site are categorized according to passenger capacity or rental cost, so that you can chose the motor ship, motor boat or yacht that meets your requirements. One of the main advantages of our company is the rental cost for a motor ship, motor boat or yacht. We can guarantee only suitable and reasonable prices for renting any of our crafts and appropriate safety and service guarantees on board the ship.

Our advantages:

+ RELIABILITI: comments and recommendations of our clients confirm the high quality service that provides employees of our company

+ STABLE: Rentflot in the shipping market since 2001, is a registered trademark

+ DIRECT RENT: we are in the administration of both public and private ships, advertising and event agencies, tour operators and hotels, brokers, and, of course, end customers are working with us

+ BEST PRICE rent ships, boats, yachts: we ensure only fair and reasonable prices for the rental of all the boats we have, we each value of the vessel accurately regulated and declared in the relevant sections of the site

+ WE ALWAYS SPEND PROMOTIONS and discounts for loyal and new customers

+ MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: each year we serve hundreds of events and thousands of visitors, and we do not have the right to errors and omissions, as the value the reputation of RENTFLOT

+ QUICK RESPONSE: do not be amiss to note, that the navigation season - it's just 5-6 months, and we are working at any time, including weekends and holidays. Implement access to the ship, a boat, a yacht for half an hour, or set the table for three hours - this is for us, the usual practice

+ AVAILABILITY: possibility of telephone communication, practically at any time (for this office established multi-line telephone) numbers of the leading mobile operators, system "call to order" and on-line booking / reservation systems, internet connection. We were easily accessible - office near the waterfront in 10 minutes' walk from st.M.Kontraktovaya area

+ EASY TO PAY for services: VISA, Privat24, cash and cashless forms of payment, including VAT, without VAT. Easy viewing of the fleet - directly to our office moored boats and captains are always at work; administrators are ready to show ships and to give advice; office employees make a calculation, the action plan, the route, will make a banquet or buffet menus and barbecues.

How to rent a ship, a boat or a yacht?

You can familiarize yourself with the motor vessels (ships, boats, yachts) and choose directly on our website. And to get a professional opinion on the choice of boats or in conducting your event, as well as to place the order, please contact us:

  • call by multi-channel phones: /096/ 962-82-21, /050/ 312-32-64, /063/ 237-10-96
  • at the address: 4, Naberezhno-Khreshatytska str. (3 minutes walk from st.M. Post Square (Poshtova Plozcha)), Kyiv
  • by e-mail:
  • leave a message to the manager

For more information on renting a ship, boat rentals, yacht rentals, rent watercraft (jet ski), organization of buffets, banquets and any other information, call to us to office.

We will be happy to see you among the permanent clients of our fleet:

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Company review, letter of recommendation Company review, letter of recommendation from the Теленеделя Company review, letter of recommendation

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Renting of motor ships is the main activity of Rentflot Company. It means that renting a motor ship in Kiev from Rentflot Company will be the best option for you, because we employ real specialists in this field.

Who could be interested in renting a motor ship in Kiev?
There is the opinion that renting a motor ship is for large companies only. But the fleet of Rentflot Company includes a wide variety of motor ships. That is why various companies can have a good vacation on the river with us — from 15 to 150 persons!

Pay attention to the reputation and experience of our company. In the warm season one of the most popular services is motor ship renting. In Kiev, as a large city, there are several companies which render such services. Rentflot is one of the most reliable and large companies, where you can rent a ship.

Notice, that we shall employ all our abilities and all our experience to make your vacation comfortable and safe! You can set off for a short trip or organize your own small cruise — it is easy with us, because renting motor ships is a matter of our life. Kiev can be the starting point of a fascinating journey, so go ahead!

Renting a motor ship is first of all saving your money, as well as comfort of those attending the event. There are many reasons to rent a motor ship for a certain number of persons - only in this case you will not feel that there is too much or too little space; you will not have to look for guests throughout the ship or stay in overcrowded conditions. We offer you various options of motor ships renting for each individual case from 2 to 300 persons.

Renting a motor ship is a whole array of events, which are usually organized for you turn-key by the managers of our company. You won’t have to seek on your own musicians, MC, show-ballet, transport, sport equipment etc. – all these services, if needed, can be provided by us at the highest level and within specified period of time.

Renting a motor ship is our services on-line: by surfing through our web-site you can see our photos and find the most requested information on renting motor ships, motor boats, yachts, jet skis (water scooters), catering services (look through the menu and prices), and many other services as well. In addition, you can rent the motor ship right on our web-site! Just fill in the paper and we shall get in touch with you for details.

Wish a unique party? Romantic trip? Just a holiday? Hiring a motor boat is just what you need! No technical inspections, no repairs – you just use the boat whenever it is suitable for you, the rest is our problem. Whether you sail from the city alone or with a company of friends – you will enjoy your time anyway. With our company any decision is easy and affordable — a small motor boat for a Sunday trip or a real cruise on a motor boat. Chose!

Large companies require serious decision — hiring a motor ship. Compact and reliable ship for 15 persons or real liner for 150 persons — you find any decision with us. Wish to gather with colleagues? Organize a buffet table? You will have enough space for everybody! Plan for your holiday a cruise on a ship with all of your family and friends — you are going to enjoy unforgettable time! Our motor ships are equipped with everything you need to feel comfortable and safe — the journey will be enjoyable and carefree for you.

Renting a yacht will give you a real feeling of freedom. We will completely satisfy the taste of those who can really appreciate it: sailing or motor yacht, they are presented in our park in all their variety. Make happy yourself and your relatives, friends, impress your colleagues. Finally, feel yourself the captain — go on a real cruise on a yacht. We will be happy to provide you with such and opportunity and all the necessary things as well. Make your dream come true right now!

Motorships rent

Motor-ship "Alps"
150 banquet seats
200 guests at buffet
- sleeping berths
130 USD run. hour
65 USD idle hour
1 hour min. order
Motor-ship Alps 28 photos
Motor ship "Silver Wave" V.I.P.
100+80 banquet seats
300 guests for buffet
8 berths
315 USD/h runnning
426 USD/h at the pier
3 hours min. order
Motor ship Silver Wave V.I.P. 30 photos

Yachts rent

Yacht "Victoria"
6 banquet seats
6 buffet table
4 sleeps places
220 USD/h min. 2 hrs
43 USD/h min. 3 hrs
23 USD/h master-сlass
Yacht Victoria 7 photos
Yacht "Bavariya-30 Casablanca" V.I.P.
8 banquet seats
9 buffet table
6 berths
119 USD 2 hours
230 USD 5 hours
308 USD 8 hours
Yacht Bavariya-30 Casablanca V.I.P. 16 photos

Payment for services

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Our clients

Nokia : "В июне 2005 агенство Рентфлот организовало для компании Nokia..."
Коннов и Созановский : "Этим письмом хотим выразить благодарность компании Рентфлот..."
ООО «Арктур» : "Фирма «Арктур» выражает свою признательность КСК Рентфлот за отличную организацию..."
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